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Beware!! Scorcher of a summer is now expected in Chennai and across TN!!

Posted on: 17/Feb/2024 9:29:23 AM
We are now in the middle of February month and many places in TN have been experiencing higher than normal temperatures already. The weather experts have now revealed that the summer would be a scorcher.  It must be taken into account that some officials have cited the experience of 2015 to suggest that the year after EL Nino was hotter and might result in a hotter summer with lesser rainfall.

The cloud formation especially in the night hours has led to an increase in the minimum temperatures this year.  Both the minimum as well as the maximum temperatures have surged in the last few weeks and it would likely to continue. This was mentioned by Mr. P. Senthamarai Kannan, RMC in Chennai. The ocean would be warmer in the winter and summer seasons in the year following El Nino. In Peninsular India, the nights would be warmer.

Point to be noted is that there was El Nino in 2015 and how in the following year winter was warmer. In 2023, there was another El Nino episode and many have predicted scorching summer.   

Mr. K. Srikanth, weather blogger, spoke about how the ocean was warmer than normal and how this would affect the weather conditions. He added that it could lead to a surge in the mercury levels and bring stronger cyclonic storms. He revealed that north India might experience heat wave conditions for 7 to 10days and even Peninsular India would experience heat waves.

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