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Another deep depression zone forms over the Andaman Sea!


Posted on : 02/Dec/2021 5:00:10 PM

The low-pressure zone which prevailed over the Andaman Sea has intensified and today morning (Thursday, 2nd December), it has intensified and transformed into a strong depression zone!

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has informed that this may transform into a deep depression zone in the next 12 hours!

The direction of the drift of this can be detected only after it intensifies into a deep depression zone.  Due to this depression zone, there are prospects for heavy rains in the coastal districts of Andhra and the southern coastal districts of Odisha.

Once this depression zone transforms into a cyclonic form, it may be named ‘Javat’. It is estimated that this will cross the coast on 4th December in the North Andhra- South Odisha region.

The low-pressure zone which has formed over the Bay of Bengal has gradually intensified and will transform into a deep depression zone on Thursday (today, 2nd December). This may intensify further and transform into a cyclonic format and is expected to cross the coast across the North Andhra & Odisha coasts on 4th December.

An official from IMD shared:

“A depression zone prevailed over the Andaman Sea central and adjacent regions.  This may drift towards the west-northwest and intensify into a depression zone today (Thursday, 2nd December) and stabilize over the Southeast Bay of Bengal today.

This will transform into a cyclone in the next 24 hours and drift towards the central Bay of Bengal. It may further drift towards the northwest, intensify and drift towards the coastal area of North Andhra & South Odisha on the morning of 4th December.

Due to this, high-speed winds may blow at speeds of 65 kmph to 75 kmph and intermittently at 85 kmph to 110 kmph in the following regions:

Southeast and the adjacent central East Bay of Bengal

  • Andaman Ocean areas
  • Central Bay of Bengal
  • Coastal areas of Andhra & Odisha
  • Northwest and central-west Bay of Bengal

As such, a warning has been issued to the fishermen of the above regions NOT to venture into these areas from the 2nd to the 4th December!”
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