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The peak of summer - Kathiri veyyil or Agni nakshatram to commence on 4th May!

Posted on: 29/Apr/2020 4:28:54 PM
 The peak of the summer, known popularly as Kathiri Veyyil or Agni Nakshatram, is scheduled to commence on 4th May!

Even just at the onset of summer, it has been scorching and high temperatures have been recorded in the cities of Chennai, Madurai, Trichy, Vellore, and Thiruthani!

In this situation, kathiri veyyil or agni nakshatram the peak of summer season is set to commence on 4th May!

This Agni Nakshatram will last 25 days from 4th May until 28th May. During this period, the impact of summer would be quite severe! Hot winds will blow across!

As lockdown imposition is in progress at present, with all transport taken off road, the public has not really assessed the impact of this years summer.

At the same time, the usage of fans and air-conditions has increased in all residences!  As summer rains had been experienced in some sections of the state, the severity of summer had reduced somewhat in these places.