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How signs of fatty liver disease would appear on the face and skin?

Posted on: 28/Mar/2023 9:24:21 AM
We can get fatty liver disease even without consuming alcohol!! Shocking but true!!

This is termed as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. It is noteworthy that non alcoholic fatty liver disease is a metabolic disorder that could lead to fat accumulation in the liver. By this, our liver would get damaged and we could have serious health issues also. The bitter fact is that in India one out of 3 adults have this NAFLD in them.

In the future, the number of persons affected by this issue would become more due to food habits changes and unhealthy changes in lifestyles etc. It is now said that those persons who work for long periods would get affected by this NAFLD.  

This NAFLD could lead to type -2 diabetes and to many further health complications when left untreated. There are more chances that our nervous, renal and cardiovascular system would get affected by this issue. 

Point is that a severe form of fatty liver disease called NASH could lead to liver inflammation and then to liver cirrhosis and hepatic failure etc. It must be noted the liver damage due to NASH is similar to the liver damage due to intake of alcohol.

There are certain signs of fatty liver disease that would appear on the face and skin and they are

Signs of fatty liver on face:

It is noteworthy that those with fatty liver disease would show signs like puffiness of eyes, dark circles, wrinkles around eyes and mouth corners, yellowish colour of eyes etc. So, please be careful.

Presence of acnes and redness:

The liver being affected could be known by certain signs like  thinning of facial hairs like eyebrows, redness and flushing of cheeks, worsening of acne/pimples etc. To arrive at a definitive diagnosis, it is necessary to consult a medical expert as these signs are not exclusive to fatty liver disease.

Presence of spider veins:

It is true that in those persons with severe liver damage spider veins with central reddish spots with reddish extensions radiating outwards like spider web would be seen. This could be due to relative thinness of the facial skin.

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