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Chennai to Host Italian Language Course by Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Posted on: 19/Apr/2024 7:08:31 PM

The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is set to commence its upcoming batch of Italian language courses starting May 11, 2024. Aimed at students aspiring to pursue higher education in Italy, employees of Indian companies, joint venture establishments, and members of the general public keen on learning the language, the course promises to cater to beginners` needs.

According to a press release, participants stand to benefit significantly from this initiative, which aims to equip them with the necessary linguistic skills for various purposes, including academic pursuits and professional endeavors.

For those interested in enrolling or seeking further information, visit www.languagelabchennai.com or contact 9080582082. This course presents an exciting opportunity for language enthusiasts and individuals with a keen interest in Italian culture and language to broaden their horizons and enhance their linguistic proficiency.

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