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Why are the CCTV cameras in Chennai making sensational news now?


Posted on : 01/Dec/2021 9:25:59 AM

It is well known that in Chennai there are many CCTV cameras installed at several places.

The news that has come out now is that these CCTV cameras installed at various places in Chennai city have not stopped working either due to vagaries of nature or due to poor maintenance.

The city of Chennai has got an extensive surveillance network and there are 657 CCTV cameras per sq km. This was as per the reports. Now, surveillance has been affected in Chennai as the majority of these CCTV cameras are non-functional.

It was brought out by a CCTV vendor that CCTV cameras were installed in Chennai with sponsorship from traders and welfare associations etc. He then threw light on how these cameras have become inoperative due to lack of periodic maintenance. It was mentioned by the police department that if CCTV cameras were found hanging or uprooted then they were obsolete.

Truth is that these devices have a shelf life of just 5 years and many CCTV cameras were installed in 2010 and 2011 and they have become inoperative in Chennai.

Mr. N. Kannan, additional police commissioner, spoke about how the department had enumerated the CCTV cameras installed through government funds, through sponsors and by the public. He hinted that a 16 digit number has been issued to all the CCTV cameras. Soon, a device to monitor the foods would be fitted and this would be as per the police commissioners plan.

Automatic updation of interactive databases regarding non-operative CCTV cameras would be possible and for that a SIM module is being worked upon. This SIM module would be installed with a digital video recorder or a network video recorder. He hinted that the dashboard present would give an idea of the number of feeds that would be coming from th2e CCTV network. In the coming months, the profile of CCTV cameras in Chennai would change.
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