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Records broken!! The placement session at IIT-Madras has started sensationally now!!


Posted on : 02/Dec/2021 9:18:44 AM

One of the premier educational institutes in India is IIT-M or Indian institute of Technology, Madras. Latest news is that the placement session for 2021-22 for these students started with a bang and in the first session yesterday the students received as many as 176 placement offers including 11 international offers. It is amazing to mention here that this is the highest ever placement offer received by the students in the inaugural session. Information is that a total of 34 companies took part in providing placement offers for the students yesterday.

It must be remembered that last year 123 placement offers were made by 22 companies in the first session. Various top class companies who made their presence felt at the IIT-M campus placements were Microsoft, Texas Instruments, Bajaj Auto, Bain and Company, Goldman Sachs, Qualcomm, Boston Consulting Group, Mc Kinsey and JP Morgan Chase and Co etc.

In the last year, the number of companies that took part in the phase-1 of the placement session was 213 and now this has increased to 381. The important piece of information is that as many as 1498 students have registered for placements for 2021-22 in various streams.

As per Mr C.S. Shankar Ram, advisor, Training and Placement at IIT-M, it was clear that increase in the number of companies have led to more placement offers now. He was hopeful of getting more placement offers for the students in the coming days.

Increase in the demand for good talent and virtual placement process might have been the factors for high placement offers in this year. This was mentioned by Mr. M.S. Sidhartha Narayan, secretary, academic affairs. During 2021-22, students received as many as 231 pre-placement offers.

On Wednesday, 1st December 2021, the second slot of day 1 placements (Session 12) took place between 4pm till midnight. For 68 job profiles, 32 companies were recruiting the students. Various companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Intel, Samsung etc took part. It must be noted that the phase-1 of the placements would be there till 10th of December. For a total of 738 job profiles, the companies would be selecting the students.
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