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Cyclone Biparjoy forms over the Arabian Sea!

Posted on: 07/Jun/2023 12:14:56 PM
The cyclonic format which developed over the Southeast Arabian Sea has intensified into a depression zone. This cyclone has been named `Biparjoy`!

In a notification released in this regard by the Chennai Regional Meteorological Centre, it is mentioned:

"The low-pressure zone which formed over the southeast Arabian Sea intensified into a depression zone yesterday morning. It intensified further and transformed into a cyclone over the southeast Arabian Sea yesterday night (Tuesday, 6th June).

As such, the ocean in the Arabian Sea area is turbulent. High-speed winds at 100-150 kmph are blowing. So, the fishermen are cautioned not to venture into the sea for fishing in the coastal areas of Kerala and Karnataka States today & tomorrow (7th & 8th June) and until 9th June!

A cyclonic format is prevailing in the upper layers of the atmosphere over Tamil Nadu. Further due to the phenomenon of thermal convection, there are prospects for mild rain from today (Wednesday, 7th June) until 10th June.

A maximum temperature of 41 Degrees Celsius will be recorded in a few places in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The temperature will be higher by 4 Degrees Celsius as compared to normal.

As of Yesterday evening, a maximum temperature of 42 Degrees Celsius has been recorded in Vellore, Chennai Nungambakkam, Meenambakkam, and Thiruthani (108 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Temperature recorded in Degrees Celsius in Other places; Karur Paramathi - .40, Madurai, Erode, Salem, Thirupathur, Pudhuchery 39, Cuddalore, Dharmapuri, Palayamkottai 38,

It is estimated that the cyclone formed over the Arabian Sea will intensify further tomorrow and on the 8th of June, will intensify even more and on 9th June, it will transform into a very severe cyclone.

This cyclone will drift towards the northeast and will cross the coast at the border of Pakistan and Gujarat. This cyclone has been given the name `Biparjoy` by the country Bangladesh.

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