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Be aware of these unusual diabetes symptoms and get treated!!

Posted on: 31/Mar/2023 9:15:01 AM
How will you feel when your breath smells fruity?

Most of us would be aware of the common signs of diabetes such as frequent urination, exhaustion, poor healing, vision issues etc. It is true that there are few unusual signs of diabetes and we might not even know about them. As a result, many would also delay in getting treated for diabetes.

These are the few unusual signs of diabetes in us.

Presence of dark skin on neck:

It is important to note that if we have thick and dark patchy skin on the neck then we could have diabetes. The skin on the neck would be velvety or coarse also. This condition is termed as acanthosis nigricans and is also seen present in armpits or in groins etc.

Fruity smelling breath:

Medically called as diabetic ketoacidosis, fruity smelling breath is a complication of diabetes. Point to be noted is that when our body is unable to use insulin then it breaks down fats for energy and ketones get released. The presence of excess ketones in blood would lead to fruity smell or acetone smell.

Dry mouth:

When we have high blood sugar levels in us, then the secretion of saliva would get reduced leading to dry mouth. This dry mouth is an unusual sign for diabetes. The teeth and gums could be at risk due to less saliva secretion.

Nausea and vomiting:

This is a common reaction of the body towards the diabetes complication. Our digestive ability could suffer due to diabetes.  We could get gastroparesis due to high blood sugar levels and by this the way we digest food would get affected.

Severe pain or burning sensation etc in legs:

It must be noted that when a person has severe pain in the legs then the person might have diabetes. Diabetes could cause diabetic neuropathy or nerve damage resulting in numbness in the limbs. Burning sensation type in the limbs might be possible in diabetics.

Sexual dysfunction:

Men might have erectile dysfunction if they have diabetes in them and this is another unusual sign of diabetes. The erection in males would not be possible as the blood vessels that carry blood to the penis get damaged.

Repeated infections:

When we have diabetes, our immune system would lose its ability to fight against pathogens etc. By this, we could get infections etc repeatedly.  There are more chances of getting vaginal infections, yeast infections, skin infections and bladder infections repeatedly.

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