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Do you know - The liver issue in us could be revealed by these important signs in our feet?

Posted on: 24/Jan/2023 5:42:06 PM
One important organ in us that would perform a wide range of functions is the liver.

Harmful substances from the blood stream would get removed by the liver. In addition, the liver also plays a huge role in regulating the blood sugar levels in us by producing and storing glucose. Liver produces bile and this plays a huge role in the digestion of fats and helps in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins etc. Truth is that when liver health becomes bad then it would lead to several health issues in us. It is important to mention here that liver issues can be both symptomatic as well as non-symptomatic.

Liver issues in us could be revealed by these signs in the legs

Swelling and pain in the feet:

This is one of the most common signs of liver issue that occurs in the feet. We could get peripheral edema when the fluid gets collected in the legs leading to swelling. It is noteworthy that liver issues like cirrhosis can lead to portal hypertension and this could lead to the formation of varicose veins in the legs.

Feets being itchy:

Those with cholestatic liver diseases like primary biliary cirrhosis or PBC would have itchiness in their feet. The bile ducts in the liver would get blocked or damaged. As a result, the bile would build up in the body. This could lead to severe itching in both hands and feet etc.

Numbness or tingling sensation:

A person can get numbness or tingling sensation if he or she is suffering from hepatitis C infection or also known by the name paresthesia. Peripheral neuropathy could also be possible in those with liver issues. The nerves that go to the feet and hands of the person would get affected.

Apart from those said above, there are also several other signs that would indicate the presence of liver issues in us like yellowish skin and eyes, dark colored urine, pale colored stools and fatigue etc.

By these ways we could reduce liver issues in us. They are by quitting smoking, quitting alcohol intake, by having healthy body weight and by following proper hygiene etc.

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