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Kodaikanal Bryants ark gets ready for the grand 60th Flower Show!

Posted on: 25/Mar/2023 2:37:56 PM
Over 1 lakh plants and saplings have been planted in Bryant`s Park at Kodaikanal to be ready for the 60th Flower Show, which will be organized in May!

The 60th Annual Flower Show is scheduled to be organized in Kodaikanal in May. In light of this, the staff from the Department of Horticulture began planting saplings from November 2022 until March 2023.

Salvia, Pink Aster, Delphinium, and Dahlia brought from Kolkata, Lillium brought from the Netherlands, and other flower plants have been planted.

To prevent the flower plants from being affected by snowfall, the staff has been covering the young plants with nets and maintaining them.

The staff from the Department of Horticulture has been putting in all-out efforts to ensure a magnificently attractive flower show in May!

In this regard, the Horticultural Officer Sivabalan shared, "The recently planted colorful plants are growing, and they will bloom with lots of colorful flowers in the Flower show, providing a feast for the visitors` eyes!"

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