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Superb unforgettable experience for passengers at Guindy, Beach, Mambalam railway stations etc soon!!

Posted on: 28/Jan/2023 9:53:27 AM
In the future, the public and passengers at the railway stations would be surprised to come across   landscaping, lots of green patches etc and would have an unforgettable pleasant experience!!  

News is that around 90 stations would be redeveloped in the coming years under a news scheme. This was according to Southern Railways or SR.

It is now said that the passengers would have a superb experience in Guindy, beach, Mambalam, Gummidipoondi plus a few other stations in the future. There would be broader approach roads to the stations plus other important facilities like lighting, Wi-Fi, roof plazas, retail space, better flooring, smooth walls, better furniture at the platforms, waiting halls, rooms for differently abled persons etc. For the development of the stations, SR has given a consultancy contract also.

Under the Amrit Bharat station scheme, a masterplan would be made. Improvements would be made in the passenger amenities available at the railway stations.

As per the chief public relations officer of SR, Mr. Guganesan it was confirmed that 15 railway stations have been identified in each of the 6 divisions in the zone. In a phased manner, these stations would be developed after the preparation of the  master plan. He explained that the plan was to develop stations on a long term basis depending on the patronage at each station. Under the customer amenities plan head sanctioned from time to time, work would be done. In the long run, roof plazas and city centres would be created at the railway stations.

The public visiting these railway stations would be surprised to witness well lit aesthetically pleasing entrance porches, executive lounges and spaces for business meetings, parking areas, proper lighting, properly designed signages and cafetarias etc.  For necessary improvements by the local authorities in the areas, there would be a move to carry out necessary liaison with the local authorities.

He then mentioned that there would be landscaping, green patches, use of local art and culture to create a pleasant experience for the railway station users. For the work, professionals would be engaged soon. Old buildings would be relocated in a cost effective manner for higher priority activities of the passengers etc.