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Sensational!! Senior citizens surprise many by turning up to vote despite extreme heat and their issues!!

Posted on: 20/Apr/2024 9:15:24 AM

Extreme heat!! No problem!! Having physical issues?  No problem!!

Yesterday, 19th April, many senior citizens made their presence felt at the voting booths. Point is that many of them walked with the help of their family members with huge difficulty. The scorching heat couldn`t stop them from casting their votes. Many senior citizens had various reasons to vote yesterday.

In Nagore, a 101 year old retired teacher took many by surprise when he came to cast his vote at National Higher Secondary School. According to him, India needs a change now and that was the reason why he came to cast his vote. As per an 83 year old voter everyone should be happy.

It must be noted that in the Kanniyakumari KS constituency many voters came with umbrellas to cast their votes. Point is that many seniors didn`t know about the postal ballot facility. Feeling obliged to perform the democratic duty was the reply given by a 92 year old senior person for casting her vote . She came to cast her vote with the help of her daughters.

At Ramalingampatti in Aaathur segment, a 102 year old woman was cynosure of many eyes. She spoke about how she didn`t know about the postal ballot facility. She concluded that she was able to move around and decided to walk down to cast her vote at the booth  

It is really sensational to mention that a 85 year old senior citizen walked about half a kilometre to the polling booth in Sholur Kokkal to cast her vote. This happened at the Nilgiris. Point is that she had voted in every election ever since she became eligible to vote. By casting their vote and fulfilling their responsibility towards the country even at their old age, these senior citizens have inspired many youngsters now. Jai Hind!!

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