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Job Opportunities: 322 Vacancies in Aavin: to be recruited through TNPSC!

Posted on: 09/Feb/2023 3:59:56 PM
322 vacancies in AAVIN are to be filled by recruitment by TNPSC (Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission).

The Commissioner of the Dairy Development Department, Subbaiah, has released this announcement!

236 candidates were directly appointed to work in the Aavin Headquarters in Chennai, and the Cooperatives in Tirupur, Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Madurai, Thanjavur, Namakkal, Virudhunagar, Trichy, and Theni.

On this development, complaints were received by Aavin that candidates who did not have the requisite background were appointed and these jobs were offered in violation of rules. Subsequently, an enquiry was undertaken on this issue.  As such,236 employees were dismissed on the complaint that they were appointed in violation of rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, an announcement for new recruitment in Aavin was made in the Legislative Assembly. As per this, an announcement was made that with due approval from the State Government of Tamil Nadu, the appointments for posts up to the Manager Category will be made by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

With the implementation of the above announcement, 323 vacancies in Aavin are to be filled through TNPSC. The Commissioner of the Dairy Development Department, Subbaiah, has released an announcement on this. Based on this, Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission will announce the Date for the Examination.

27 categories of the 322 vacant posts including manager, assistant manager, and technology expert are to be recruited!

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