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For Seamless Transactions - Know about the omni channel platform from the Indian Bank to help the customers!!

Posted on: 08/Nov/2023 9:32:11 AM
An omni channel would be rolled out by the famous Indian bank to woo the Gen Next customers now. It is now revealed that with the help of this omni channel, the customers would be able to manage their wealth easily plus book their hotels etc by just clicking a button. Sounds amazing right!!

The superb piece of information is that this omni channel would provide seamless transactions on multiple electronic gadgets. It must be noted that this public sector bank would be adding 100 new branches in this FY to help those customers who prefer physical experience.

The tech savvy NewGen young customers not only look for deposits and fund transfers etc but also for a range of services. This was highlighted by Mr. S.L. Jain, MD and CEO, Indian Bank. He explained that with the help of the new omni channel it would be possible for the customers to invest plus book tickets plus few other things very easily. Transactions could be continued from one electronic gadget to another without any break with the help of this omni channel. From 1st April 2024, the omni channel would be available for the customers and before that the omni channel would be tested within the closed group of the bank employees.

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