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Symbol of Indian Rupee added in WhatsApp!

Posted on: 01/Oct/2021 12:22:09 PM
The Symbol of the Indian Rupee has been added to WhatsApp App.

A vast majority of smartphone owners use the App – WhatsApp.

Information, photographs, video clips, and a whole lot of other info can be shared easily with WhatsApp!  Hence, it is hugely popular!

WhatsApp is organised under Facebook. The facility to send money through UPI was introduced in India in 2018. However, the testing of this facility was available for a selected few lakhs customers.

National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) granted permission for WhatsApp to introduce the financial transaction facility.

Subsequently, WhatsApp introduced the facility for financial transactions in December.

In the situation, as above explained, to further simplify the financial transactions for its customers, the symbol of Indian Rupee has been added in the ‘Chat Composer in this App. Henceforth, customers can avail of this Indian Rupee Symbol to conduct financial transactions.

Further, WhatsApp has informed that through the camera in the chat composer, one can scan the QR Code and conduct financial transactions with more than 2 crores of Commercial Organisations!

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