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Windows 11 is back with time and date update on multiple monitors

Posted on: 11/Feb/2022 8:55:51 AM
We all know that missing out an option of time and date on various monitors is running back for the users. Windows 11 could not see the feature of time and date on secondary displays. Now, it will be rolled out by the Microsoft team, and good news for millions of users as they will be able to see the functionality running successfully.  

The official announcement has come out from the staff, “We have returned with the clock and date taskbar of other monitors when you like to connect monitors to your device.” It is nice to announce that Windows 11 is returning to the time and date feature which was missing the taskbar feature for a long time on Windows 11. Many more features need to be addressed by Microsoft soon.

Users of Windows have read that Microsoft promised a couple of updates will be seen in February and it is rolling out to all users very soon. Moreover, this update also has a public preview of Android apps for Windows 11, redeveloped Notepad and Media player apps, and plenty of taskbar developments. Of course, the weather widget will also come to the taskbar in the update, and the mute and unmute feature in the taskbar is available. Furtherly, the Microsoft team shared that users will be able to screen share a specific app or window from the taskbar.

However, Microsoft is yet to announce when this latest Windows 11 update will be available for users. We understand that it would be a matter of days to roll out the features. Let’s wait for a couple of weeks to use these updates on Windows 11.

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