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Never buy these foods in bulk quantities, please be very careful!!

Posted on: 23/Sep/2023 9:30:34 AM
Have you been buying all the grocery items in bulk till now? Then, it`s time to think!!

This article would throw some light on why grocery items should not be purchased in bulk always. The bitter truth is that by purchasing the grocery items in bulk their nutrition value would get reduced after some time.

Various grocery items that must never be purchased in bulk amounts are

Milk products:

It must be taken into account that milk products have got shorter shelf life and due to that reason we must not buy them in bulk quantities.

Fruits and vegetables:

It has been advised not to buy fruits and vegetables etc in bulk quantities as they would lose their freshness after some time. It would be good to buy them in small amounts every day.

Nuts and seeds:

These days, many of us eat nuts and seeds as they provide us with numerous health benefits. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that when these foods get exposed to air then they would become rancid and don`t taste good.

Packaged foods:

The bitter fact is that the moment these packaged foods are taken out of the required environment they would lose their nutritional value. Hence, it is necessary that we must buy them in fresh small amounts only and not in bulk.


When purchased in bulk amounts, flour could attract pests and lose their freshness etc. hence, we must not buy them in bulk amounts.


We all eat bread for our breakfast etc. While buying bread we must not buy them in bulk amounts as they could go stale or mold quickly. It is better to buy bread that could be consumed within a reasonable timeframe.


When not stored properly, the cereals would lose their crunchiness or turn stale etc. Hence, it is advised to buy them in small amounts only and store them in air-tight containers etc.


We must never buy spices in bulk amounts as both nutrition as well as aroma would get reduced. Checking the pantry regulalarly and replacing the spices would be good. The spices have limited shelf life is known.

Cooking oil:

We must never think that by buying cooking oil in bulk we could save money. Truth is that after some time the cooking oil would get rancid. Therefore, we must buy just one of two litres of cooking oil at a time.

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