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Advancing metro rail construction work - CMRL signs MOC with CIDC now!!

Posted on: 10/Jan/2024 9:16:58 AM
On Tuesday, 9th January 2024, CMRL or Chennai Metro Rail Limited signed a MoC or Memorandum of Cooperation with CIDC or Construction Industry Development Council to advance metro rail construction work.

It is worthy to note that MoC was signed for joint effort to advance the metro rail construction works and it was signed by Mr. T. Archunan, director (Projects), CMRL and Mr. R.R. Sawarup director general, CIDC.

In a press note from CMRL, the MOC highlights collaboration, cooperation and complementation aiming to streamline business processes and enhance safety, quality and productivity.

The customer interest is given huge importance in the MOC through efficiency enhancement, QA systems, environmental protection and SOP etc. The press note from CMRL added that MOC also emphasises institutional and capacity building activities plus holistic HRD, research and development, task forces, operationalisation resources and infrastructure support etc.

Second customer interaction meeting:

It is learnt that CMRL on Tuesday organised the second customer interaction meet especially with the customers associated with property and business development activities in many metro stations.

Information gathered is that at the meeting the licensees have discussed their desires/issues for services.

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