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Posted on : 19/Apr/2023 6:40:28 PM

This Akshaya Tritiya, craft your own golden beginnings with Tanishq`s new range of collectible coins inspired by the mighty Chola dynasty. The benevolent imperialism, the warrior spirit, the cultural bounty, and the opulence of the Golden Age are synonymous with The Chola Dynasty. The glorious magnificence of the Chozha collection are the limited edition coins, which truly evoke a sense of pride and instantly transcend the wearer into the Golden Era. The truest intent of celebrating the Chola dynasty and unravelling the treasure trove of divine splendour.

Nataraj Nanayam is a tribute to the spirit of creation, greatness, and new beginnings, evoking the majesty of the Chola era`s art and the deep spiritual resonance of Lord Shiva`s Nataraja form.  This coin stands to inspire you to embrace the power of creation, the limitless potential of greatness, and the transformative energy of new beginnings.

Vetriyin Kaarigai Nanayam, a magnificent and historic coin from the Chola dynasty, is minted to commemorate the victories and serves as a reminder of the value of perseverance and determination in achieving great success.

Karanthai Victory Nanayam honours the bravery and valour of the Chola warriors who fought and won the Battle of Karanthai, a shining symbol of the Chola dynasty`s power and legacy.

Rajendra Chozha Nanayam immortalizes and embodies the spirit and legacy of one of the greatest emperors of the Chola dynasty. A timeless tribute, to a timeless tale.

This Akshaya Tritiya, adorn a piece of the Tamil culture and legacy & celebrate the spirit of Pudhumai Penngal with alluring offers from Tanishq ahead of the festival. Tanishq is offering a 20%* discount on making charges for gold and diamond jewellery from April 14th to April 24th, 2023.

Also, celebrate a new dawn of abundance with Tanishq by exchanging your old gold purchased from any jeweller and receive a 100%* exchange value. 

Customers can also acquire Gold Rate Protection* by reserving in advance and stay protected against rising gold prices until April 30th, 2023.

Unveiling the Chola dynasty-inspired collectible coins, Mr. Sharad R, Regional Business Head - South, Titan Company Limited said, "This Akshaya Tritiya, we are pleased to introduce a limited edition of collectible coins inspired by the Chola dynasty. The painstakingly comprehensive and superior craftsmanship is meticulously detailed to permeate the glory of the Chola rule. Every piece has a story, a piece of history, a tale of the glorious Chola age that the Pudhumai Penn of today will want to immerse herself in. Let it be a celebration of your legacy, just as we celebrate the legacy of Pudhumai Penngal."



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