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Attention users!! New amazing plan for Rs 87 from BSNL was announced!!

Posted on: 04/Jan/2023 5:31:50 PM
This piece of information will make many BSNL users feel delighted!!

Now, telecom operators like Jio and Airtel have been announcing new recharge plans while competing with each other. In this situation, BSNL too has announced a new comprehensive plan as it is also moving towards 5G technology. It is learnt that BSNL has introduced a new plan for Rs 87 as there is no plan below Rs 100.

Under this Rs 87 plan from BSNL, the users will get 1GB per day plus unlimited voice calls for 14 days. This plan will give the user a total of 14GB data.

Information gathered is that after the data gets over the internet speed will reduce to 40Kbps. One important benefit this plan would provide the users is that this plan offers SMS facility for less than Rs 100. In addition, this plan would get the user ONE 97 Communications Hardy Games mobile service.