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Draft Voters List Released: 2 lakh names removed in Chennai Metro City!

Posted on : 09/Nov/2022 2:50:55 PM

 The Voters List for Chennai District including 16 Legislative Assembly Constituencies was released today (Wednesday, 9th November). In this, 2 Lakh Voter names have been removed!
As per the order from the Indian Election Commission, the activities of correction of the voters list for Chennai District including the 16 Legislative Assembly Constituencies with a qualifying date on 1st January 2022 by adopting the 2023 Special Shortened Correcting system.
The corrected draft list as per this system is being released today (Wednesday, 9th November).
This draft voters list will be kept for the public view in the Greater Chennai Corporation Zonal Office 4, 5, 6, 8, 9. 10, 13 and all polling booths!
So, the public can check and verify whether all details are correct. Further,
Further, special camps are being organized on the 12th, 13th, 26th, and 27th of November in all the polling booths to carry out corrections such as the addition/deletion of names, etc.
There are 3723 Polling booths set up in Chennai Metro City. In this, a maximum of 284 booths are in the Perambur constituency and a minimum of 169 polling booths in the Egmore Constituency.
As per the voter`s list released in January last year, the number of male voters was 2004860 and the number of female voters was 2974616. The number of other voters was 1102. The total number of voters was 4080578.  From this voters list, the names of 101483 male voters and 113343 female voters and the other 94 voters for a total of 214920 names have been removed. Further, the names of 12234 male voters, 14523 female voters, and 30 other voters for a total of 26799 names have been removed.
As per this corrected list, there are 1915611 male voters, 1975778 female voters and 1058 other voters for a total of 3892457 voters.
A minimum of 172211 voters are in Port Legislative Assembly Constituency and a maximum of 305994 voters are in Velachery Legislative Assembly Constituency.




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