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Why Paruthipattu Lake in Chennai is hogging the limelight now?


Posted on : 19/Jul/2022 10:01:04 AM

A channel would be constructed in the Paruthipattu Lake located on the Avadi-Poonamallee High Road in Chennai and this was according to the WRD. The main objective behind this work would be to prevent water logging during heavy rains.

In the past, during heavy rains, this lake overflowed and a portion of Avadi--Poonamallee road would be under water for many days. In this year, the residents would get respite from the issue.

In about fortnight, WRD would be starting the work to construct a channel to bridge missing gaps in the Paruthipattu lakes surplus course. Now.WRD has been finalising a tender for Rs 21.9 crores project for building a channel of nearly 360m to divert floodwater to the existing channel that drains in Ayappakkam lake. Every year, the residents face lots of issues as there is no defined surplus course for the lake plus there are a lot of missing links to the current flood water channel.

It is superb to note that the lake is spread over 22 hectares and it was developed as an eco-tourist spot with boat rides and recreational parks etc. Every monsoon, floodwater from the lake inundates the arterial road and this often leads to disruption in vehicular traffic. Along the Avadi- Poonamallee High Road, the Highways department has begun constructing a channel of 400m in length.

It was confirmed by an official belonging to the Highways department that a channel would be built linking the upcoming channel from the main road. According to some residents, Avadi- Poonamallee High Road was an important link from the western suburbs to other localities like Koyambedu or Chennai bypass.

It was brought out by Mr. T. Sadagopan of TN Progressive Consumer Center, Pattabiram that WRD must take steps to deepen other water bodies in places like Thirunindavur, Thirumazhiai and Thandurai etc for conserving flood water runoff before it reaches Paruthipattu Lake.



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