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Tamil Nadu Health Minister: Over 50% of women of above 35 Years of age suffer from kidney problems!


Posted on : 02/Jul/2022 12:51:53 PM

The Tamil Nadu State Government Minister for Health, M. Subramanian, informed that over 50% of the women in Tamil Nadu who are above 35 years of age suffer from some kind of kidney problems!

An International Conference on kidneys and Urology commenced on Friday (yesterday, 1st July) At the Mother-child healthcare hospital in Chennai Egmore.

Tamil Nadu Health Minister M. Subramanian inaugurated the event! The Secretary of the Department of Public Welfare, P. Senthil Kumar, the Director of the Health Planning, Uma, Director of Medical Education, Narayanababu, the Chief of the Chennai Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital Theranirajan, Former Head of the Department of Urology of the Kasturba Gandhi Hospital, N. Rajamageswari, and the Director of the Egmore Mother-Children Welfare Hospital Vijaya participated in the conference.

During the inaugural address of this event, the Tamil Nadu Health Minister shared:

“1000 speciality doctors (300 doctors directly participating and 700 doctors through the video conference) participated in this conference. Over 30 International experts and over 60 Indian Specialists in Urology participated in this conference.

Several surgeries are being performed and through this demonstration, training is imparted to the childbirth and Urology specialist doctors. Especially, the inflammation of the womb, the urinary container and the excrement container, and the complications that occur during the child`s delivery and the surgery to be performed on this were explained and training is given for the treatment.

The Department of Women’s Special Urology finds effective solutions to the problems encountered during the delivery, the issue of uncontrolled urination, etc. It has been established that in Tamil Nadu, 50% of women over 35 years of age do suffer from some sort of kidney problems!

The Department of Urology commenced 30 years ago and was established in the Chennai Government Kasturbha by the specialist doctor N. Rajamageshwari in the year 1992!

In the year 2004, this department was granted a status of a Speciality Department by the State Government of Tamil Nadu.

The State Government of Tamil Nadu expanded this Urology Department as a Special Training Centre in 2005!

Even the doctors from abroad get trained here!  As the other states in the country also commenced Urology Specialist Department in their states, Tamil Nadu has remained a pioneer in this special field of medicine!”



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