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How the Kaval Uthavi app of the TN police department would be creating impact on the public?

Posted on : 21/Apr/2022 9:25:24 AM

The service of the police department belonging to Tamil Nadu has been revolutionised by the Kaval Uthavi app.

The news now is that the public would be able to use 66 services available with a press of a button in their mobile phones. The public hereafter need not fear as they would have the security of armed police personnel along with them throughout their journey. When a person presses the button in his or her mobile phone, then immediately they get connected with the police control room.

It is known that the control room has many police personnel who have been trained in interpersonal skills. By this, the mobile phone camera of the person who called the police control room would be switched on and police personnel present in the control room would be able to view the emergency situation of the person. For online complaints, video or a document could be attached and a criminal case could also be registered. This Kaval Uthavi app would be superb especially for women who travel alone during the night time.

It is mentioned that motor vehicle drivers would need this app more than others. The motor vehicle drivers during accidents etc would be able to get the name and number of the nearest police station by this app. It must be noted that the location enabled app would help to go to a police station through Google maps. By this app, a person would also be able to pay the challan of MV violation online.

The Kaval Uthavi app could also be of huge use for the public during online cyber crimes. These days, many get cheated by fraudsters online and the public find it difficult. Money recovery from these fraudsters has been impossible. By using toll free helpline1930, the public would be able to freeze their money from being used by the fraudsters. 

The customer would be prevented from transferring money to another account in 24 hours. Information is that the user could press a button on Kaval Uthavi app for cyber financial fraud, speak with the police personnel and protect his or her money before it gets transferred to an account in a foreign country.

Information is that nearly 22 other departments toll free numbers have been integrated with this app and the users dont have to remember any numbers. It is now said that every citizen could download the Kaval Uthavi app and could use it during an emergency.



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