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Good news regarding rapid PCR and RT-PCR tests done at Chennai airport!!

Posted on: 08/Dec/2021 9:44:48 AM
Following the Omicron variant threat, both center and state have issued new guidelines and Rapid PCR as well as RT-PCR tests were made mandatory for the passengers at Chennai airport. These tests were of high cost and this was as per the passengers.

The news that has come out now is that the Chennai airport has reduced the cost of Rapid PCR and RT-PCR tests. This would bring huge relief to many passengers now.

It is learnt that the Rapid PCR test cost has been slashed by Rs 500 and RT-PCR test cost has been slashed by Rs 100 at airport. This would be from Wednesday night. From Rs 3400 the cost of Rapid PCR tests has been brought to Rs 2900 now.  From Rs 700, cost for RT-PCR has been brought down to Rs 600 now at the airport. This was according to Dr. Sharad Kumar, airport director, Chennai. He later spoke about how the decision was taken by AAI to help the passengers in the pandemic situation. Point is that the reduction in the cost would provide immediate respite for the passengers.

It is now revealed that Chennai airport has decided to reduce the rate for tests by forgoing the revenue share of the tests conducted in its premises.

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