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In Chennai, building plan approval to become easy now


Posted on : 16/Oct/2021 9:41:45 AM

No more issues like delay etc in the building plan approval hereafter!!

An upgraded online system would be making the building plan approval process easier. It is now brought out that From January onwards an upgraded online system would be available and by this the building plan approval would become easier in the CMDA or Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority.

Member secretary of CMDA, Mr. Anshul Mishra expressed his thoughts. He spoke about how new software is being created along with DTCP or Directorate of Town and Country Planning and it would be completed soon. He then pointed out that once the online system gets rolled out then planning permission and approval online would be carried out completely online.

It is learnt that the process of building plan approval gets delayed currently because of certain documents that are handed over manually. Truth is that the builders were asked to submit hard copies of drawings and documents after sending the applications online despite the presence of an online system.

It was revealed by Mr. Sridharan, chairman of policy advocacy (Urban development and housing), a part of CREDAI, that the government has announced fixing a time frame for approvals up to 60 days. The time frame would be implemented once when the new online system comes into effect. Information is that based on the number of queries planning approval gets delayed now.

By means of an online system, the process of obtaining no objection certificates from other agencies would become easier by means of a single window system. This was according to Mr. Sridharan.

It must be taken into account that GCC has already implemented a complete online planning approval system and has fixed a time frame for processing the applications. The planning permission applications addressed to GCC must be disposed within 30 days and this was as per the standard operating procedure or SOP.
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