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Collecting Public Complaints by the Beat vehicles in Police Satations: New System Launched!


Posted on : 05/Nov/2020 2:05:57 PM

There are 136 Police Stations and 35 All-women Police Station in the Chennai Metro City. On the borders of these police stations, 355 ‘beat vehicles’ keep doing rounds travelling the local area round the clock in a day - all 24 hours! In these ‘beat vehicles, GPS equipment has been installed and thus the movement of these vehicles are also monitored from a control centre. Surveillance cameras have been installed in some of the ‘beat vehicles’.

A new system of receiving public complaints through these ‘beat vehicles’ and taking prompt corrective action has been introduced recently by the Chennai Metro City Police.

The inauguration of the above system launch was conducted yesterday (Wednesday, 4th November) evening. Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar participated and inaugurated the scheme.

While addressing the gathering during this inauguration, the Police Commissioner informed:

“The pubic who are not in a position to go up to the police stations to make complaints can avail this newly launched scheme. This new scheme has come into effective operation making house-to-house visits. These above-mentioned ‘beat vehicles’ would be parked in one place (near the border of the Police Station) from 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM and in another place from 3.00 PM to 5.00 PM.

The Public, with their recorded grievances in the form of applications, can submit the same to the Sub-Inspector in the beat vehicle parked. If the complaint could be solved immediately, it would be done at that time itself!  If the complaints are to be addressed by the senior officials, a CSR receipt will be given to the complainant. These complaints will be submitted to the concerned senior official and the necessary action will be taken.

While initiating and taking corrective action, this will be informed to the complainant.248 beat vehicles are to be engaged for this purpose. To ensure proper and prompt functioning of this new scheme, the respective Assistant Commissioners of the Region will be monitoring the functioning of the scheme!”
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