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Latest finding: O group blood people have lesser prospects for coronavirus infection!


Posted on : 17/Oct/2020 5:27:53 PM

Scientists all over the world have been conducting a wide range of researches to identify the causes for the raging coronavirus pandemic.

2 researched were conducted on `the role played by blood group in early warning about infection.

Odense University Medical Hospital and the South Denmark University conducted the above experiments.

This research has established that among the various blood groups, `O` group people are least likely to be infected with coronavirus.

Both the researches have come out with the observation that the prospects for `O` group people to be infected with coronavirus in far lesser!

In this regard, a Science Journal has observed that though the above experiments establish the sort of a link between blood group and infection, more research has to be undertaken to find how the coronavirus infection occurs!

The researchers established that the patients with `O` Group blood was substantially fewer and most patients were from A, B, and AB blood groups.

In other words, the prospects being affected by coronavirus infection is much more for the people with A, B, and AB group blood. Still, the researchers did not note any specific infection ratio between A, B, and AB group.

The research identifies the ABO blood group as the dangerous source for Saars Cov-2 infection.

In another recent research, as compared to `O` and `B` groups, the patients of A and AB blood group have the prospects of needing artificial breathing, CRRT, and also a longer stay in ICUs (Intensive Care Units). It is reported that these patients stand a chance for lungs to be harmed due to the coronavirus.

They also identified the A and AB group patients who required dialysis due to kidney failures.

The main outcome of the above findings: People with blood group `O` will have the least harm in case affected with coronavirus infection!

It is expressed: “To specify the basic physiological guidelines, for these findings, further research is required.” This research has been conducted by Colombia University.

The above 2 types of research establish that the patients of A and AB blood groups stand high prospects of failure of functioning of organs!

Blood Group `O` persons are already known as the best worldwide contributors. They can donate blood for any other blood group! However, on their turn, they can receive blood only from people with `O` Group blood!

Some reports mentioned that people with blood group `O` stand the least prospect of being affected with heart-related diseases!
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