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Sales of LPG cooking gas up! But sales of petrol/diesel down in July as well!


Posted on : 04/Aug/2020 2:58:02 PM

Fuel requirement has come down in the month of July. Most industries were not functioning due to the raging coronavirus pandemic continuing unabated. Thus, the employees were constrained to remain in their residences. Public transport was also not functioning. With the lockdown situation, other vehicles also did not operate on the roads as under normal situations.  

Even though relaxations were announced in some states, the normalcy did not return. Thus, the demand for fuel has come down substantially!

In fact, right from the 1st Phase of the lockdown imposition on 25th March, the usage of petrol and diesel came down quite drastically. In the total sales of fuel by all the Oil Corporations put together, diesel sales are 40% (2 out of 5). However, during the month of July, sales of diesel were down by 13% as compared to the previous month (June) and were only 4.85 million tons.

As compared to the sales in July 2019, diesel sales have come down by 21% as per the statistics provided by the Oil Corporations.

In a similar mode, the sales of petrol also were down in July as compared with June and were 2.03 million tons. As compared to the previous year - July 209, it was down by11.5%.

The Oil Corporations inform that apart from the coronavirus effect, the floods in several North Indian States also affected the sales of Petroleum Products.

However, the sales of LPG cooking gas have gone up! As compared to the previous month of June, the sales of LPG cooking gas in July were up by 10% and were 2.275 million tons. As compared to July 2019, the sales of LPG cooking gas were up 3.5%.

Aviation petrol sales were up by 4%. However, as compared to sales in July 2019, it was down by 65%.
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