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Aadhar card made mandatory for government high school students

Posted on: 06/Aug/2019 12:07:02 PM
The Tamil Nadu State Government Department of School Education has sent a circular that activities must be taken and ensured that all school students are provided with Aadhar cards.

The present government introduced a 12-digit numbered card to each and every citizen of the country. A petition was submitted against this to the Supreme Court. After the enquiry, the Supreme Court ordered in September 2018 that the Aadhar card is valid. However, the judges further ordered that Aadhar number is not mandatory for certain activities such as bank accounts, application for a cell phone connection, and admission of children in schools.

Aadhar card number has been mandatory for certain other activities such as bank accounts, mutual funds investments, PAN cards, Pension, Social Welfare Schemes, Cell Phone Services, Employees Provident Fund, Drivers Licence, registration of vehicles, LPG cooking gas subsidy, etc.

However, information was gathered that Aadhar card is sought during school admissions. Subsequently, UIADI (Unique Identification Authority of India), which issues the Aadhar cards emphasised that admission of children in should not be denied on account of no Aadhar cards.

The Chief Secretary of UIADI, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, explained in this regard that Aadhar card details must not be sought for admission of children in schools. He outlined that after admission to the schools, special camps may be conducted to facilitate the provision of Aadhar cards for the children without them. He further informed that in case admission in school is rejected for non-availability of Aadhar cards, it would tantamount to disrespect of the Supreme Court.

In this situation, an order has now been released that Aadhar card is mandatory for all the students studying in government and government-aided schools - the parents must obtain the Aadhar card number and ensure to register the same in EMIS and also instructions have been given that for the students without Aadhar cards, new numbers can be created during the school working days and then register.

The Integrated Education Council India has sent a circular to all the district Primary Education Officers and the Headmasters/Principals of all government and government-aided schools that the photos and fingerprint registration must be carried out fresh for all children in the age group 5-15.

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