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Royapettah junction in Chennai has got heavy traffic congestion

Posted on: 23/Jul/2019 10:24:05 AM
One of the most important places in the Chennai city is Royapettah. This Royapettah is now making news for this reason. In the peak hours of time, it normally takes around 15 minutes from Mylapore to Royapettah or Anna Salai. It is revealed now that this journey takes more than 15 minutes because of traffic snarls at the junction of Royapettah High Road and Avvai Shanmugham Salai.

One of the busiest in south Chennai, Royapettah junction is not only a bus route road, leading to the headquarters of a popular political party but also at this junction is present many commercial establishments and  houses etc. The point is traffic signal would have been the best solution but it has not been implemented yet in this place.

This locality has also got many auto gas filling stations and this is also one reason for heavy traffic congestion as many autos belonging to various parts of the Chennai city come here for filling. It is important to mention that MTC buses heading towards Anna Salai from Mylapore and those MTC buses coming from the opposite direction meet at a junction along with the buses that are heading from Anna Salai towards Cathedral Road through Avvai Shanmugham Salai. In the peak hours of time, cross movement by the motorists leads to complete mess and heavy traffic congestion. This was as per a regular motorist on this route.

In addition to this, during the important meetings at the AIADMK head quarters, many cars belonging to the party persons get parked on the road. This leads to narrowing of the road and finally choking up of traffic movement takes place here. Installing a traffic signal in this place would not give proper solution for the traffic snarls. This was according to the traffic police posted in this place.

It was later mentioned by a senior official that the junction is present on the downstream of the flyover and a traffic signal at this place would not be a suitable design. He finally hinted that installing a traffic signal at this place would bring opposition from the political party.

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