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Depressing trend of only 50% success in Engineering colleges in the last 5 years


Posted on : 20/May/2019 12:44:09

Depressing news has been recently gathered that the success percentage (%) has been less than 50% in more than 300 colleges in Tamil Nadu.

The main reasons attributed to the above rather poor performance is the lack of proper infrastructure, shortage of qualified professors, and the latest technology laboratory facilities.

So, the academicians have strongly recommended to the interested students that they must select and join proper engineering colleges only after ascertaining the complete details regarding the above aspects.

The interested candidates and their parents select the engineering colleges only after proper scrutinising of important aspects such as checking with the former students about the college, the college infrastructure facilities, and the qualification of the professors/lecturers, etc. The percentage success (%) is another important factor playing a significant role in the above selection.

So, a petition was filed in the Chennai High Court a few years ago that the list of the percentage success (%) of all engineering colleges under its control must be released by Anna University before the commencement of the counselling.

When this petition was taken up for enquiry, the High Court ordered that the list of the percentage success of all colleges must be released. Accordingly, on this basis, Anna University

Presently, with the onset of the coming academic year 2019-20 for the counselling of admission for engineering colleges set to be organised, Anna University has released the details of the percentage success rates of the students in all colleges on its official website from the year 2014 to the year 2018 for a 5-year period.

Following the release of the above details, it is found that the students` success percentage rate has remained consistently below 50% over the last 5 years in over 300 engineering colleges!

Further, it is also observed that the percentage success rate has been gradually declining year after year and that alarmingly, there has been an alarming increase in the number of engineering colleges where there is either a 0% success rate or a single-digit percentage success rate!

In this regard, the educationist Jayaparkash Gandhi observed:

‘The above-released details of success percentage rate of the engineering colleges are indeed useful information for the aspiring students to pursue engineering courses! However, this alone cannot be considered as the basis to assess the performance of the engineering college concerned. It is recorded that the percentage success rate has been quite impressive only in 30 to 40 engineering colleges over the last 5 years. Thehe main reason for this is that these engineering colleges never admit
  • The students who have completed +2 with industrial section or
  • The students who have completed polytechnic Diploma course in engineering faculties directly in the 2nd year of the course!
However, the engineering colleges in the 2nd or 3rd degree of quality continue to admit the above students! As these students had not studied Mathematics in their school period, they find it tough when studying mathematics in the Engineering Course.

Apart from this, the other major reasons for the falling percentage success rates are :
  •  Anna University has improved the quality of the setting up of question papers
  • It has also implemented certain changes in the correction procedure of the answer sheets.