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Ahead of polls, TN tops with highest cash seizure


Posted on : 27/Mar/2019 13:25:13

Election in Tamil Nadu is fast-nearing and has got just lesser than a month to go. At this stage, there are reports that Tamil Nadu stands No.1 in the list of seizure of cash, liquor, drugs, and other metals. On 10th March, the code of conduct for the same got to effect. The total seizure accounts to Rs 107.24 crore which is one-fifth of the total seizure in the country which is Rs 540 crore as of 25th March.

The next in the list is Uttar Pradesh with Rs 104.53 crore, and the third position goes to Andhra Pradesh with Rs 103.4 crore. The fourth place is reserved with Punjab at Rs 93.8 crore. The fifth in the list is Karnataka with Rs 26.53 crore. Last in the list is Sikkim where the overall seizure value is Rs 0.027 crore which is sourced only out of liquor.

The total seizure is split across various sources including precious metals, drugs, liquor, cash, freebies, and others, say reports from the Election Commission. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the maximum seizure is obtained through precious metals including Gold and Silver accounting to Rs 68 crore.

In the state of Tamil Nadu, the entire cash seizure is Rs 38.25 crore and total gold seized is worth 209kg which is Rs 68 crore in money worth, says Satyabrata Sahoo, the Chief Electoral Officer. Apart from these, there is also about 318 kg of silver bars and silver ornaments seized, and there are also additional 330 zinc bars. These silver seizures account to Rs 18 lakh.

Under the Section 171 of IPC, there are about 35 cases filed against parties towards violation of rules.

The total cash seized in Andhra Pradesh is Rs 55 crore which is the top most in India. The cash seizure in Tamil Nadu is Rs 36.6 crore. In Andhra Pradesh, overall value of metals seized is Rs 30 crore.

In Telangana, the total seizure is Rs 8.21 crore. So far,  there is no data obtained regarding Kerala. Various enforcement agencies have obtained Rs 540 crore worth seizures of which metals account to the most  with Rs 162.93 crore and then follows cash with Rs 143.47 crore.