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10 Best parks in Chennai city


Posted on : 12/Mar/2019 4:08:32 PM

Chennai being the 4th largest metropolitan city in the country, has got a beautiful blend of contemporary elements and traditions in terms of many aspects including architecture, cuisine, dance, music, and lot more.

The city is seeing a green revolution and there are many centre medians and a lot of theme parks dotting different corners. In addition to being refreshments, these parks are also entertainment spots for Chennai residents, particularly for kids.

So, here we have a list of 10 best parks you should definitely visit with your kids! As the summer is on, it is time for fun. Why dont we have some? Here you go:

1. Dash-N-Splash

Dash-N-Splash is spread across a total area of 21 acres. This is among the most popular amusement parks in the city. For children, this is definitely a huge hit as there are many different kinds of rides. There are also other facilities including vegetarian cafeteria, souvenir shops, toiletries, deposit lockers and more. There is enough shaded seating area for us to spend a relaxed time.

2. Kishkinta

When it comes to amusement park, there is no doubt that Kishkinta will be in the list. It is located close to Tambaram bus stand. It is spread across a land area of 120 acres. There are scenic landscapes and bushes and various designs all over. The wave pool, space shuttle, kiddies kingdom, etc. are some of the attractions here.

3. Dolphin City

Take a drive of 45 km from Chennai and you will arrive at Dolphin City. This is among the most visited parks in the city. The Dolphin City has got giant water tanks where dolphins live. The unique feature of this park is its American Sea Lion performance. These sea lions are beautifully trained to showcase many tricks.

In addition, there are boating, sliding, swimming, animal simulation, disco scooter, chuck wagon and lot more to enjoy at Dolphin City. And why not? You also have a multi-cuisine restaurant to serve you different varieties of foods. There are shops to buy various articles and electronic accessories and gift items as well.

4. Little Folks

As the name suggests, this amusement park is exclusively to amuse the little ones in your home. Oldies are not allowed inside. There is rainbow fountain, paddle pool, cartoon shows, toy rain and lot more to enjoy here. These are massive hit here. They have got a giant piano and open theatre at the park which is very engaging for young music aspirants at your home.

5. Dizzee World

With the temperature in summer skyrocketing, you definitely need a break from your daily monotonous routine. Dizzee World is a perfect place to get that perfect amusement you are longing for. It entertains the kids and elders alike. There is the water kingdom and thrilling rides and various dry as well as water rides for your entire family. The toy train, roller coaster, Ferris wheel, toddler safe water zones, etc. are some of the attractions not to miss here. There is plenty of sports including funny mountain rides, roller coaster, spider spin, etc. You also cannot miss out on the artificial snow shower here.

6. Nagegeswara Rao Park

The Nageswara Rao Park is located at just 0.5km distance from Luz Church Road. This is a very serene place often loved by morning walkers. There are people coming here from many different corners of the city. They get fresh air and experience the bliss of freshness here. The park has exclusive area for kids. It is designed such that the kids would never get bored even for a minute! The park also has a badminton court.

7. VGP Universal Kingdom

VGB Kingdoms is an exciting amusement park lying close to the Bay of Bengal. You can feel the wind blowing and sea waves here. If your kid gets tired after all the amusements in the park, go on and have a short bath in the pool here. There is abundance of service here offered by the park authorities.

For children, the VGP kingdom gives special attention. They have got over 50 rides including baby train, merry-go-round, toy train, statue man, etc. There are also break dance, balloon racer and roller coaster that elders can love here.

8. Guindy National And Snake Park

The Guindy National and Snake Park is spread across 2.1 sq.km. It is at Guindy. This is the only national park present right within city limits. This is among the very few places that you can visit as a family. This is ranked No.8 in the list of national parks in the country. It lies in close proximity to Raj Bhavan.

The park encompasses over 60 butterfly species, 60 mammal species, various reptiles and 130+ birds. There are deer and ducks as well. Over 7,00,000 visitors step into the park annually, say reports.

9. Jeeva Park

The Jeeva Park is present on GN Chetty Road. It is most preferred for joggers in the morning. The park also has an association for walkers.

In the day time, youngsters spend a lot of time here. They hangout freely here. there are many interesting areas lying nearby including: Kaligambal Temple, Anna Centenary Library, Crocodile Band, San Thome Church, Sri Parthasarathy Temple, etc. Once you are done with the park here, you may visit these temples.

10. Huddleston Gardens of Theosophical Society

The Theosophical society is regarded as a secret garden in Chennai city.  The park has many blooming flowers and greenery all over. You will be inundated with the voices of birds chirping and bats lurking all around and squirrels playing, cats and mongooses around the mahogany tree.

The exclusive feature of the park here is the 450 year old Banyan Tree. This tree is in fact the great grandfather of the entire theosophical society. The tree has roots encompassing total area of 60,000 sq.mt. The park is notably open only during specific hours of the day. You can discover the countrys culture and customs here in this park.
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