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Online exams for the 1st time by TRB – for the post s of computer teachers


Posted on : 11/Mar/2019 18:00:37

Computerised examinations are set to be introduced for the 1st ever time by TRB (Teachers’ Recruitment Board) for the recruitments for the posts of computer teaches.

This new system is being adopted mainly in order to eliminate/prevent any maloperations and also to facilitate faster correction and an earlier release of the results.

TRB has been conducting examinations for the recruitment of TET (Teachers’ Eligibility Test), selection of post-graduate teachers, selection of special teachers, lecturers in the government polytechnics, and the Assistant Professors in the government engineering colleges.

Earlier, the system of issuing application forms and then receiving the filled up forms was being adopted. However, the process of online application was introduced 3 years ago. The hall tickets for the examination is also uploaded online for the candidates to download and use.

With most of the government recruitment examination process including Railways, banks, LIC, etc., TRB also has joined this system and setting up online examination for the 1st ever time!

Online examination is all set to be shortly in the recruitment of computer teachers which is expected to be announced shortly.

It was recently established that some maloperations had taken place in the recently conducted test by TRB for the recruitment of lecturers for government polytechnics. Corrective actions were taken, subsequently, TRB has come up with the online examination system!

In case the number of applications received is quite high, it might not be feasible to conduct online tests in a single day for all the candidates. Hence,  a system of conduct in the online examination in groups and to check and correct the question paper in case the level of difficulty is on the higher side

A higher official from the Teachers Recruitment Board explained in this regard that the online examination system is being introduced mainly in order to avoid any maloperations and quicker release of the examination results. As a follow-up, in the 1st Phase of this proposed changeover, the online examination is set to be conducted for the recruitment of computer teachers. Then, online examinations will be gradually introduced for the other examinations as well.

The online application/registration for the 814 vacant posts of computer teachers (Computer trainer – Grade-2) in the government higher secondary schools is set to commence on 20th March.

Online applications for the above must be sent before 10th April. TRB has announced that the date of the online examination for the computer teachers will be announced later.

Giving due consideration to the impending elections, the date has yet to be decided. It may be conducted during the month of May. As the system is changing over to the online examination mod, the results are likely to be released before the end of May.