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An alert on electric power use - TANGEDCO deposit amount may get increased


Posted on : 08/Mar/2019 15:05:20

As the consumers who consume more than 500 units need to pay the full charges, there arises a necessity to keep an alert on the extent of power consumption and use it more judiciously.

TANGEDCO, as a system, provides a free supply of electrical power up to usage of 1st 100 units and offers a subsidized rate for consumption up to 500 units. When the consumption exceeds 500 units, there would be no subsidy and the customer needs to pay the full charges.

When giving low-tension power connection to the domestic residences and shops, a fixed amount is charged known as Security Deposit. This security deposit charges a revised every 2 years based on the consumption. Accordingly, if the actual consumption of electrical energy is more than what was estimated while getting the connection, an additional amount of deposit has to be paid. However, this is not done for the people who consume lower consumption of energy.

As summer has already commenced, the public needs to find avenues to counter the summer impact like using the air-conditioners for longer periods. With this, the demand for electrical power has increased from 25th February to 15448 MW.

With this development, it is planned to collect additional Security Deposit from the next month. If consumption of electrical energy is found to be more due to summer, charges will be more as per the additional consumption.

To avoid all the possibilities mentioned above, it is essential to use electrical energy in an economic way.

Some tips must be given by the schools to the students to protect from the hot sunny weather and awareness must be created regarding the heat wave and hot winds.

With the onset of summer, the weather bureau has already warned that the intensity of heat will be higher as compared to the normal expected level in most of the districts including Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

In this situation, the officials from the state department of education have advised the schools:

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a warning regarding the scorching summer, heat wave, and hot winds. There are strong chances of dehydration of the body during the scorching summer. So, as advised by the State Disaster Management Authority, one should drink more water. Tender coconut, buttermilk, home-prepared liquid items such as juices, gruel, and lone juice, etc.,  

One should wear light cotton clothes. When going out, one must use a cap/hat and umbrella.  Good ventilation must be ensured/arranged inside the house so that the heat intensity gest reduced. Students must not be allowed to move outside the house especially during peak noon sessions. Thus, ensure a good awareness must be created among the students.