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New digital learning platform by Infosys


Posted on : 16/Feb/2019 16:30:39

A new digital learning platform is unveiled by Infosys. This provides the learners with content that focuses mainly on engineering students who are in their 3rd or 4th year of studies. This is to give them more industry exposure to all the fresh, young talents. The app is called InfyTO. In Mysuru, Infosys had unveiled the app. The inauguration event saw participation by 300 colleges.

Engineering students who sign up on this platform will have access to the proprietary course. This gives them a good learning access ad gives enough knowledge about the existing projects. This is a certification course. As the next step, the platform will grow into an additional channel for hiring. The course is open to students and colleges for free.

The four primary focus of the course are as follows:

  • Object oriented programing
  • Fundamentals of programing
  • Data structures and algorithms
  • Database management systems

The above four are the most important technologies used in Infosys. The first three of them are taught using Python language. The course furthermore provides soft skill training including business English training. And the course is likely to see more additions in the coming days.

In his note about this, Pravin Rao, the COO of Infosys says the platform will serve as an excellent place to learn and hone their experience that primarily focuses on engineering students in India. Students can make use of this to stay connected with the contemporaries in the industry. These courses make the students industry-ready, he added.

This app is developed in-line with the on-demand platform for learning Lex. This provides foundation courses to better understand the core concepts. This gives the students an excellent opportunity to get virtually stimulated for solving tough problems that clients face in general.

Rao further added that there will be leader boards and badges and more of gamification added up for the course. To start with, the course will be made available on the web following which it will be available on Android app.