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New WhatsApp features in android and iOS devices


Posted on : 30/May/2018 12:39:02

WhatsApp launches new features on both iOS and Android platforms and some of the advanced updates are in testing zone for the official commencement.

Being a widely used messaging application WhatsApp constantly updating the look, feel and operative qualities on regular intervals. The main reasons for the regular upgradation in the technical aspects of the messaging platform are to increase the usability and casual communication options engaging the users.

Here we list out some of the features of WhatsApp that has been rolled out already or in the testing phase for future updating and implementations.

Click to Chat

Now you can send messages to the contact numbers that are not saved in your contact list. This new feature in the messenger update is to allow Users texting to individuals and need not save those numbers for one-time communications.  Click the chat link option of WhatsApp API "api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=" to avail this feature of WhatsApp.

Enter this URL in the smartphones browser followed by the auto prompt to open the app and start the conversation.

WhatsApp group video calling

Group Video Calling is one of the unavailable options in the WhatsApp messaging platform. Now the new update confirmed the inclusion of this feature and has been rolled out for limited users. WaBetainfo directed that the beta version of the feature is available for both android and iOS users. WhatsApp version 2.18.52 is for the iOS users and 2.18.145 for Android users.

Recover deleted WhatsApp photos

Wrongly deleting the photos in the WhatsApp conversation is very common among the users. Now the new feature has updated the ability to retrieve the deleted media files from the application. You can go back to the chat and re-download the photo or media file that was deleted earlier.

The media files are stored for up to 30 days in the WhatsApp server and later completely erased from the backup server. The main tip is not to delete the entire chat to recover the deleted photos for WhatsApp to reach for your backup media files. If you delete the whole chat with your media files in between, you cannot recover the files with this new update.

Media visibility feature

This new feature is already available in the iOS platforms and also for the Android beta version. Media Visibility feature allows the users to choose whether the media content in the chat section of the messaging platform to appear in the gallery section of the device. You can select not to showcase the media files of the chat in Gallery app. Additional space in your device and increased privacy setting are the primary advancements in this new update media visibility feature of the WhatsApp Messenger.

Facebook and Instagram video playback options

The updated application has been adjusted to play the video files of Facebook and Instagram in the application itself. You dont have to exit the app and go to the original platform to play the Facebook and Instagram video files. Currently it has been rolled out to iOS users only and the process of implementing the feature in android is in development phasese.