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Posted on : 13/Sep/2010 2:47:23 AM

At compounded annual growth rate of 15 percent in the next 10 years, the Indian IT and ITES sector is expected to reach $285-billion by 2020 from $71.6 billion in 2009. 

A report by KPMG and Asia Oceanic Computing Industry Organization say in one of their reports, that represents 15,000 companies in Asia and Australian continents, India would continue to lead in global sourcing activity.

The `Asia-Oceania Vision 2020: Enabling IT leadership through collaboration` report concentrated on the opportunities and challenges for the 20-major countries in the two continents to tap the global opportunities. The report predicts that the region will become the largest supplier of IT and IT-enabled services by 2020, with 74.5 percent of the global demand expected to be sourced from the region.

The report also said that the climate change would gain prominence as an important `industry` by 2020. Spending on efficient technologies, renewable energy, recycling and waste management would grow significantly within the region and globally. Kumar Parakala, Global Head of Sourcing Advisory and Chief Operating Officer (KPMG India), said applications in healthcare, education, governance and infrastructure would drive the growth both within the region and across the globe.




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