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CTO on Demand

An organisation’s growth will naturally happen, but with a CTO it gets accelerated and propelled. Organisations having a strong CTO have proven to grow at a faster pace,

Posted On :10/Jan/2020 11:27:57 AM

How can I ensure that my team is working productively?

Time Doctor tracks the websites and applications used while people are working. Managers can receive a report with this information.

Posted On :08/Jan/2020 4:28:23 PM

Happy New year 2020!

Mahatria proposed the theme for the YEAR 2020 - Being compulsive broadcasters of good.

Posted On :02/Jan/2020 10:19:46 AM

JB Soft System Business Presentation

Mr M. Praveen Kumar, Business Manager, JB Soft Systems made a business promotion presentation to a special gathering of business entrepreneurs on 25th December, Christmas Day in a 5-star Hotel.

Posted On :27/Dec/2019 12:46:31 PM

Honourable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister inaugurates the websites for Kalasapkkam and its MLA!

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Mr E Palaniswamy unveiled 2 new websites in a special event yesterday (Wednesday, 13th November).

Posted On :14/Nov/2019 6:10:19 PM

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