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Use Google Docs

From personal computers to business computers, apart from Windows OS, every computer has Ms-Office suite which consists of Word, Excel, Powerpoint…

Posted On :21/Jul/2017 6:32:56 PM

Understand the current Marketing

Do you know Marketing and Sales are not same? Though the aim of both is to increase the revenue in business, marketing is to create awareness and interest in the market to buy your product/service.

Posted On :21/Jul/2017 6:21:51 PM

Have CRM in place

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. As we business people know Customer is the King, Customer is God and the purpose of the business is fulfilling the need of the customer.

Posted On :14/Jul/2017 2:32:23 PM

Checklists make you more efficient

From family to business we have heard; Ah! EB bill not paid?, Forgot to pay the Insurance renewal, Forgot to maintain the battery of Inverter, Forgot to service the car, like this many forgets make the life misery.

Posted On :05/Jul/2017 11:19:09 AM

Plan your Day by using Calendar

From the pauper to a king they all have only 24 hours per day, no ration to you and no leverage to others, still you have to do what you have to do in 24 hours. Might be you put all your time to become what you want.

Posted On :05/Jul/2017 10:51:41 AM

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