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Do not take Risk in Business : J Sampath, CEO of JB Soft System

J Sampath, CEO of JBSOFT, shares strategies for business growth without taking unnecessary risks.

Posted On :02/May/2024 3:40:21 PM

Celebrating the Visionary Leadership of Mr. J Sampath, the Driving Force behind JB Soft System, on His Birthday

Mr. J Sampath, the esteemed Managing Director of JB Soft System, a prominent Website Design and Development firm, is celebrating his birthday today.

Posted On :06/Oct/2023 10:15:36 AM

J Sampath of JB Soft System Honored at BNI Azpire Awards Event

In a night filled with celebration and recognition, J Sampath, the renowned CEO and Managing Director of JB Soft System, received a prestigious award at the BNI Azpire Awards event held at Taj Connemara, Chennai.

Posted On :01/Oct/2023 2:32:27 PM

Join JB Soft Systems CEO J Sampath for an Engaging Live Discussion on Jul 02nd at 9 PM

Join CEO J Sampath, the esteemed leader of JB Soft System, for an engaging live session on the LiveChennai YouTube channel.

Posted On :30/Jun/2023 8:44:16 AM

Why a Strong Online Presence is Crucial for Growing Business ?

The world is online now more than ever before, and creating a strong online presence has become essential for individuals and businesses alike.

Posted On :29/Mar/2023 8:39:52 AM

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