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What is making the passengers feel disappointed and angry at the Central metro station now?

Are all passengers finding it comfortable at the metro stations in Chennai now? The answer is No!!

Posted On :15/Apr/2024 9:26:39 AM

Chennai Metros Next Phase: Driverless Trains and AI Revolutionize Public Transit!

In the second phase of Chennais metro project, 138 driverless trains equipped with artificial intelligence and LCD screens are set to revolutionize public transportation.

Posted On :13/Apr/2024 11:22:42 AM

Latest Weather Update: Rainfall Continues in Tamil Nadu, Variable Wind Patterns Observed!

The Chennai Meteorological Department predicts ongoing rainfall in Tamil Nadu until April 15th, with Coonoor in the Nilgiris district expected to receive around 12 cm.

Posted On :13/Apr/2024 10:41:27 AM

Southern Railways Introduces Special Summer Holiday Trains between Tambaram and Mangaluru Central

The following Special trains will be operated in order to clear extra rush during Summer holidays as detailed below:

Posted On :13/Apr/2024 9:17:09 AM

New facilities set up at Chennai Metro City National Airport!

A fast-track facility, known as Self-package drop has been introduced for the passengers taking flight

Posted On :12/Apr/2024 11:17:19 AM

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