Philips Lamps & Lighting Price List

Philips Lamps & Lighting
Product Name Price (Rs)
Philips SFL 2050/10 LED Emergency Light 389.00 
Philips SFL 6000 LED Emergency Light 499.00 
Philips Billy Desk Light CFL 756.00 
Philips Ujjwal Emergency Lights 966.00 
Philips Ojas Emergency Light 1,155.00 
Philips 30505 Essential Emergency Light 1,334.00 
Philips SFL 5050/10 LED Emergency Light 1,290.00 
Philips Advantez FDS500 Desk Light CFL 1,199.00 
Philips Living Color Bloom LED 9,415.00 
Philips Intimate Candle LED 1,100.00 
Philips SFL 6000/10 Self Winding Dynamo 1,149.00 
Philips CZS100 LED Emergency Light 1,500.00 
Philips Dandelion Table Lamp 2,500.00 
Philips 71566 Packet anthracite 2,650.00 

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