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Purchase Advance Scheme

• No registration Fees.

• No additional return/benefit/discount will be provided under this purchase scheme.

• You have to select a product and its weight, size/length at the time of enrollment.You have the flexibility to change your selection or reconfirm your selection in the 8th month. After such reconfirmation, if you do not take the product which you reconfirmed/re-choose you will be eligible to buy any product from the nearest Kalyan Jewellers store at the price and VA displayed in that store.

• Installment amount may be between Rs.500 to Rs.40000 depends on selected ornaments.

• Installment Payment: You must make payment of installment every 30 days.If there is a delay in making payment, making charges will be increased as described in point 5 below.

• For each month of delayed payment of installment, making charges will be Increased by 0.25%.

• In case you discontinue the scheme before the 11th month you will be eligible to buy any product from the nearest Kalyan Jewellers store at the price and VA displayed in that store and you will not be eligible for any discount for the same.

• The Customer shall provide a copy of his/her photo id proof such as Passport/Driving License/PAN etc at the time of enrollment. The same person in the card should come with original Id proof while closing the scheme.

• The amount paid under the purchase advance scheme has to be compulsorily closed within 365 days. The purchase advance can only be closed by sale of the selected ornament.

• The scheme can be closed immediately after payment of the 11 th installment. If you have paid all installments, you can go to Kalyan Jewellers showroom and collect the ornament after paying the balance amount applicable. If you do not collect the ornament within 20 days of completion of 11 months, the sale will be booked at the prevailing board rate and the ornament will be kept aside for you. The balance amount due must be paid within the 12th month Itself. If the balance amount is not paid within the 12th month, the sale will be canceled and the amount remitted will be refunded by way of demand draft and will be sent to the address mentioned in the enrollment form by registered post.

• Under no circumstance cash refund will be allowed under the scheme.

• The monthly installment can be paid in cash, cheque or demand draft.

• If you have enrolled in the scheme online, the delivery charges for the product would need to be borne by you.

• No points will be added to your gold card for purchases done under the Gold Purchase Advance Scheme.

• The sales tax and other applicable taxes at the time of sale of the ornament would need to be borne by you.

• There may be a variance of up to 10% in weight from what you have selected.You will be charged for the actual weight.

• All the terms and conditions provided herein are based on the legal provisions in force as on date and are subject to changes in case there is any change in the applicable legal provisions.

• All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of the court at Thrissur, Kerala.

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Purchase Advance Scheme