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Be aware!! - These early signs of pregnancy might even go unnoticed!!

Posted on: 04/Feb/2023 5:34:55 PM
A woman must be conscious of her bodily changes that take place during her pregnancy and recognise the potential pregnancy at an early stage itself. The bitter truth is that she might not even know about these changes also.

Usually, the pregnant woman would be able to notice common symptoms such as missing periods or nausea etc in her. Sometimes, early signs of pregnancy might even go unnoticed. Those pregnant women who are not informed about their early pregnant signs would overlook them.

There are certain signs of pregnancy that a woman might not notice and these are

Periodic changes:

It is possible that a woman could experience irregular periods due to various reasons like stress, medications, uncontrolled diabetes, issues like PCOD etc. Even an eating disorder could lead to irregular periods in her.In this scenario, when a woman doesn`t get her periods, then pregnancy might not be her first concern.

Feeling overheated:

Feeling hot might be an early sign of pregnancy also  It must be noted that an increase in the body temperature after ovulation could lead to hyperthermia. Overheating could also occur late in her pregnancy and it could result in issues like warm skin, lightheadedness etc

Aversions to certain foods or smell:

There is a relation between pregnancy and odd food desires. Some pregnant women might feel nauseous to certain foods or smells  etc. It is worthy to note that hormones like human gonadotropin hormone or hCG are responsible for these.

Feeling dizzy:

In the early pregnancy stages, the BP might go down. It must be taken into account that the blood vessels might widen to allow more blood flow to flow to the uterus etc. When BP goes down the woman would feel dizzy. Others like stress, exhaustion and low blood sugar levels could also lead to dizziness..

Changes in vaginal discharge:

In pregnant women, clear white and sticky discharge is usually witnessed. It is worthy to note that when the discharge is not clear and white with foul smell etc then the women must see a doctor without fail.


In pregnant women, the body would produce more progesterone than the normal and this could make her feel fatigued. Truth is that this progesterone hormone would make the uterus to prepare for implantation plus it would also protect the foetus also.

Constant bowel issues:

Mostly, pregnant women might experience morning sickness and diarrhoea etc as the 2 most common digestive issues. It is believed that hormonal fluctuation could lead to diarrhoea and hasten digestion.


As more hormones are produced, a pregnant woman would have sensitive breasts in the first two weeks of her pregnancy. The hormone would play a role in stimulation of breast glands and make them ready for breastfeeding. The volume of the breasts would become more as the mammary glands starts to expand to meet the babys demands after the birth.

Urinating often:

To keep up with the increasesed flow of blood throughout the body, the kidneys would function continuously. This could lead to more urine output.  

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