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Getting cloudy urine, then these could be reasons!!


Posted on : 09/Dec/2021 9:08:32 AM

The quality of the food that we eat determines the nature of urine!!

Liquid by product of metabolism in humans and in other animals is urine. In the Earth`s Nitrogen cycle, urine plays an important role is well known. The colour, odour etc of the urine would change depending on the minerals we consume. Many of us would have noted one common issue regarding urine that is cloudiness. It is true that cloudiness in urine could be due to various factors like dehydration, urinary tract infections, inflammation of the prostate in men and vagina in women etc. It is possible that the cloudy urine could also be due to the food we consume. When the cloudiness does not go away and is accompanied with pus, pain etc then it is a must to consult a doctor immediately.

Various foods and drinks that could cause cloudy urine are

Intake of salty food:
Various examples of salty foods are canned foods, processed chips and cured meat etc. It is believed that high salt consumption without drinking enough water could result in dehydration issues, add cloudiness in the urine etc.

Intake of high fructose corn syrup:
Not many of us know that every packaged food would contain high fructose corn syrup. Various examples are sugary sodas, desserts etc. Truth is that when these packaged foods are consumed by us in excess amounts then the urine could become cloudy.

Intake of dairy products:
When there is more phosphorus in our body then the urine could become cloudy. This happens when we consume excess milk and other dairy products. So, please be careful.

Intake of meat:
Excess phosphorus would get released in us when we consume red meat and poultry foods etc. This could get associated with excess salt in the processed meat and could lead to cloudy urine.

Intake of sea foods:
Many of us eat sea foods without knowing the fact that there are certain sea foods rich in purines. It must be noted that purines metabolise into uric acid and this could lead to discolouration of urine.

Intake of alcohol:
Intake of alcohol is bad for the health is well known. Truth is that intake of alcohol could lead to dehydration and this could then lead to cloudy urine.

Intake of caffeine:
Excess intake of caffeine by drinking excess coffee, tea etc could lead to dehydration. This could make the urine appear cloudy.




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