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Benefits of eating okra (ladies finger)

Posted on: 10/Apr/2014 3:53:10 PM

Digestion system - Fibre content will increase by eating ladies finger. Fibre removes excess cholesterol in the body. 

Eyesight - ladies finger is rich in vitamin A. By including this as a regular item in food, it protects the eyes and eyesight. 

Skin health - ladies finger contains anti-oxidants and vitamin A. This protects the skin. It facilitates quick healing of the wounds, contracts the pimples, and decreases the wrinkles or lines in the skin. The anti-oxidants block the attacks of germs or bacteria on the skin.

Resistance to diseases - ladies finger also contains vitamin C which increases the body resistance to diseases. 


However, there is one harmful element while listing the merits of ladies finger. This vegetable is also rich in oxalates. Oxalates tend to increase the bile formation and disrupt the urinary system and also increase the size of the stones in the bladder. ladies finger will increase cholesterol level. So, avoid frying it.

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