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Eklavya Foundation commits to driving awareness of Mental Health on World Schizophrenia Day

Posted on: 16/May/2023 10:12:54 AM

Plans to conduct several programs like stigma removal and raise awareness on Mental Health
Invites patients and caregivers to share recovery stories. 
To launch its maiden online newsletter in English and announce the availability of Self-Help Support in English, at Alliance Francais, as part of SCARF Chennais program, on 26th May 2023

Eklavya Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health awareness and support, proudly announces its commitment to raising awareness about mental health in Chennai. The foundation aims to conduct several programs focused on stigma removal and increasing understanding of mental health issues.

In Mental Health Awareness Month - May, Eklavya Foundation recognizes the significance of addressing the challenges faced by individuals with Schizophrenia and other mental health conditions. Adopting the ultimate goal of creating a more inclusive and empathetic society, the foundation will actively engage in initiatives that promote education, support, and empowerment.

As part of its efforts, Eklavya Foundation invites patients and caregivers to share their personal recovery stories. By providing a platform for these brave individuals to voice their experiences, the foundation aims to inspire hope and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health conditions. In addition, these stories will serve as a source of encouragement for those facing similar challenges and shed light on the possibilities of recovery.

To further expand its reach, Eklavya Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its maiden online newsletter, available in English. The newsletter will provide valuable information, resources, and updates on mental health and feature inspiring stories of recovery and resilience. This initiative aims to foster community involvement and provide individuals with the necessary tools and support to navigate their mental health journey.

The World Health Organization has stressed the availability, accessibility, and affordability of mental health services. However, expanding professional mental health services is not enough, especially in India. Eklavya Foundation believes that support from the social environment is equally important. An open, free, non-judgmental, and empowering environment in society is a need in addition to professional assistance like counseling and medicine.

Dr. Padmavati, Director of SCARF, commented, "Eklavya`s initiative is a welcome movement. Despite efforts over the past decades, the scenario in India is grim for persons with mental illness and their families. Patients and families are generally ignored, misunderstood, and stigmatized. They have very limited options for support. Any venue that can augment professionals for information, support, encouragement, and inspiration is a much-needed addition."

Ganesh Rajan, an author of many works on Schizophrenia and a service user of SCARF, Chennai, commented, "World Schizophrenia Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges faced by individuals living with Schizophrenia and their families. It is also a reminder of the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive society that enables those affected by mental illness to lead fulfilling lives."

Eklavya Foundation believes that self-help groups (SHGs) can play an important role in strengthening the mental health support infrastructure. The SHG concept believes in homo-sapiens ability, i.e., an entity that can visualize its thought process and think over it from a third person`s perspective. A human`s ability to witness their thought process is a great power to help themselves overcome any distressing situation. Therefore, Eklavya Foundation offers Self-Help Group Support (currently in English and Marathi) through virtual and hybrid meetings. In these interactions, besides the tools of Dr. Abraham Low (Recovery International), sharing experiences helps participants see they are not alone and learn from each other.

Eklavya Foundation has experience of over two decades and is a self-help support group, not a treatment group. It does not provide medical services but discusses mental health issues of persons with mental illness and extends support to care providers like family and friends. 

For further information, contact eklavyafoundationmh@gmail.com or ganesh.i.me.us@gmail.com

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